Water Intrusion Repairs

Whether building envelope failure is caused from product failure or improper installation techniques, Cobra Construction can help. We have experience with water intrusion resulting from failed siding, roofing, and building drainage systems, bad caulking design, improper window installation, poor flashing techniques and more. We have helped several area property managers and engineering consultants make repairs and renovations on occupied condominiums and apartment complexes. Our close working relationship with engineering and architectural experts as well as the product manufacturers to assure you the best possible installation. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Siding Replacement

    Vinyl, cement board, metal, stucco, and wood siding properly installed and flashed with allowances for proper drainage.
  • Deck Reconstruction & Waterproofing

    Wood or concrete re-construction with waterproof components properly applied to surfaces.
  • Repairing Leaking Windows

    Removal and reinstallation of window systems with allowances made for drainage including proper head flashing, pan flashing, membrane flashing, and weather resistive barriers.
  • Roofing Replacement

    All aspects of asphalt, and wood roofing replacement to allow for proper building interface and venting.
  • Foundation Drainage Systems

    Retrofitting existing foundations for waterproofing and installation of industry-proven drainage systems.
  • Dryrot Repair

    Complete replacement of rotten structural components prior to re-roofing or re-cladding is documented with photographs. The owner benefits knowing the structure is being repaired properly prior to exterior building envelope replacement and with required documentation.

Our method of documenting, estimating and tracking rot repairs, comprehensive Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling, electronic submittal procedure, as well as our thorough review of all subcontractor invoices and sub-tier payments, all provides for a timely project delivery which is within budget; while protecting our clients from claims against their properties.

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